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Welcome to Weyland Alcohol and Drug Intervention Services located in Walnut Creek of Northern California!

Founded in 1997, we offer discreet outpatient alcohol, drug, and behavioral intervention services for adults and adolescents. We are located in Northern California, with offices conveniently located in the city of Walnut Creek.  We are a subsidiary of Weyland Consultation Services, a premier provider of outpatient addiction services.  We provide assessment services to determine the need for an intervention and more importantly to understand the best strategy and gradation of intervention to employ. Our intervention services are provided in a calm and inviting environment when performed in our offices. However we know that interventions by there very nature cannot always be done where we or you would like them to be done. For this reason we are available to travel if needed to get the job done. We will do whatever is necessary to incite change. It is our hope to reignite the love that addiction has attempted to destroy or perhaps better stated “wear out”, by leading with love while employing dignity and respect as the primary foundation of all that we do with you and your loved one.


Weyland Intervention Services/Walnut Creek Addiction and Recovery
2930 Camino Diablo, Suite 110 • Walnut Creek, CA 94597 • Phone: (925) 588-8833

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