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Fredrick D. Wade, C.A.S., R.A.S.
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wade is the founder of Weyland Intervention Services. He has many addiction certifications chief of which are that he is a Certified Addiction Specialist, certified by the American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders, he is also a Registered Addiction Specialist, certified by the Briening Institute.  For the last 20 years he has consulted and trained Employee Assistance Professionals, community groups, and clinicians in the provision of addiction treatment. Mr. Wade, a past Associate Professor with the Extension Program at California State University Hayward taught such subjects as The Assessment and Treatment of Dual Diagnosis, and Group Treatment Dynamics for Chemical Dependency Counselors. Mr. Wade has performed hundreds of interventions in and out of office.  His greatest gift is his ability to engage people thereby opening up the door to the potential for change.  It is also his belief that love, not the reassertion of past wounds is the agent of change in bringing about a successful intervention.

Toni Daniels, MD
Medical Director
Dr. Daniels is the Medical Director of Weyland Services. In this capacity her oversight includes Weyland Services, Weyland Anger Management Services, as well as Weyland Intervention Services. Her primary practice interest is Anesthesiology, and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Daniels has a vivacious spirit and loves her work which incites an ongoing thirst for knowledge that results in a research oriented approach to treatment insuring that we are using the most cutting edge treatment approaches that can be had today in the field of Addiction Medicine. She is expert in the application of today’s technological advances and understands the intricacies of Addiction medicine with it’s compilation of receptors for managing the craving states associated with alcohol and drug addiction. She received her training at the University of California for Anesthesiology and has been a practicing Anesthesiologist for 18 years. She therefore has a strong background in pain management which helped her to develop a Pain Specialty practice from which she has made the natural transition to Addiction Medicine. She is certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) which identifies her as having met the highest standards of competence in Addiction Medicine employed today. She oversees our detoxification services and is certified to prescribe Suboxone for those with Opiate addictions. With Pain Management she is able to assist patients to accumulate tools to prevent addiction to pain medications. Under Dr. Daniels direction Weyland has recently become a Prometa provider site with Dr. Daniels being the actual Prometa provider. This gives us the ability to treat stimulant addictions such as Amphetamine and Cocaine. Prometa also works well with those suffering from alcohol addiction. Lastly, from a family perspective Dr. Daniels is very proud to announce that her son Jullien will graduate from Stanford with his MBA in approximately one month of this year 2007.   

Robert Sargent, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Sargent, Weyland's program psychologist has more then twenty years experience providing consultation and treatment in the field of substance abuse. His extensive clinical and research background allows for the incorporation of the latest findings and approaches in the provision of addiction treatment. He specializes in comprehensive evaluations of substance abuse and various other issues which impact a person’s overall functioning. His considerable work with the criminal justice system provides for an experienced perspective when legal issues are involved.  When needed, he will act as a consultant in determining what gradation of intervention to employ and exploring strategies with the team based on his assessment of the information you provide us about your loved one.  He has often proved to be an invaluable resource when trying to elicit the best course of action to take.   

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