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Overcoming impediments to entering treatment: Detoxification
When doing an intervention many avenues are explored especially those that will impede our potential for success.  We must be proactive, we must be well prepared, all of which requires a significant degree of forethought.  We do this with an eye toward circumventing anything that will impede our goal of getting the person abusing a substance into some form of treatment.  With that in mind we offer outpatient Detox services, here again making treatment more of a palatable option and therefore increasing our chance of a successful intervention outcome.

The Reason: Because one of the greatest obstacles one faces when considering treatment are the implications posed by possible detox symptoms. This is especially true for he or she who is abusing physiologically addictive substances such as Alcohol, or Drugs.  Pain medications such as Vicodin and Oxycontin (Oxycodone) pose the same problems. The fear associated with withdrawal symptoms can often present an almost insurmountable deterrent to entering treatment at an earlier stage of the addictive cycle, which in many cases could amount to saving one’s literal life.

The single most pivotal problem in this dilemma is that the addictive cycle exacts ever increasing harm in areas such as your health, career, relationships, and in some instances you may incur legal consequences as well. The other obstacle is that historically an inpatient stay was required to seek medically managed detox services.  Many folks are in the catch 22 situation of needing to continue careers because they are the bread winner in their homes, or simply have an aversion to entering a hospital for such services. Whether we agree that these are valid reasons for not entering treatment, the person never-the-less needs help.

The Answer: Medically managed outpatient detoxification services. These services are provided by Board Certified Physicians who are trained Addictionologist.  Such services, in conjunction with a strong outpatient treatment program can bring about the desired outcome of arresting use and getting the abuser on a path to recovery.

It our hope that we have given you enough information to give us a call for a phone consult to see if we may be of help to your loved one or colleague.  Discretion is the hallmark of all our services as well as our belief that treating people with kindness and dignity is imperative to a successful intervention outcome.  When you work with us one of the things you can be assured of is that your loved one will not be shamed.  In fact that they will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve for the courage it takes to address a problem of this magnitude.   


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