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Weyland Intervention Services provides Orchestrated Interventions with the specific goal of getting the identified abuser into treatment. It is our belief that such services should only be employed when a qualified counselor has assessed that it is the only option left to the family. Ethically, a less restrictive and certainly less intrusive intervention approach should first be explored before doing an Orchestrated Intervention.  Our approach entertains the idea that there are often intermediate or gradations of intervention strategies that may be employed. Families are typically afraid and at their wits end when they decide that they are in need of an Intervention.  It is the job of the trained interventionist to infuse a sense of calm while clinically assessing both the need for an intervention, and when indicated, the level (s) of intervention that will best serve your specific situation. We do not offer, nor believe in a one size fits all approach, as each individual has a different set or constellation of needs thus the purpose of the assessment.  Weyland prides itself on providing intervention services that are tailored to the needs of the individual and his or her situation. Our interventions are performed with an eye toward minimizing additional pain to the dependent person and his or her family.

These interventions are for managers who are in sensitive positions and have begun to exhibit destructive habits such as alcohol abuse, substance abuse, gambling problems, or sexually inappropriate behaviors with subordinates.  Such employees will begin to under function in a variety of ways that never the less have some specific outcomes that may lead to a loss of creativity, productivity, and in some cases pose liability situations for the company.  Such managers begin to demonstrate poor decision making that is often a precursor to a deterioration of public relation and a decrease in overall performance.  The ideal scenario is to salvage a good employee; it is after all less costly and highlights a commitment to all that the host company makes an effort to take care of its own.  Many of the same steps that are taken when working with families are employed when doing an Executive Intervention. Instead of family members as participants, selected senior management and colleagues often form the intervention team. It is important to note that when indicated family may be involved if the interventionist and team members think it will positively impact the intervention outcome.


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